Amazing products. Wowzer balm applied to outside of cheek where abcess tooth is relieved the feeling of pressure and the pain. Abcess not draining but at least the pain in gone. :) and the pressure has eased. I am so grateful to have found your company. :) Holly
My husband and I have been working out and we're so sore, so I did a lavender bath both and soaked for about 40 mins. By the time I got out my soreness was completely gone. We both have lower back pain because we stand all day at work, when my back gets really bad I use her CBD pain reliever balm and it is a miracle worker! Thanks guys! Summer

I started using cannabody when i hurt my foot when i was working out. I used it and my foot felt amazing and now i have no pain in my foot at all from using it everyday for a week..now i use it for headaches, congestion, everything i can think of! love these products!


My husband and I decided to try cannabody, of course we were unsure if these products worked. There were many thoughts but one I feel we never thought of "What happens if this really works?" I warched both Natalie and Victor use these products, watch them make them and THEY LOVE there products and STAND behind them. Little did we know this Friday would change our WORLD!!! My husband and I always look for the NATRAL products. We are wanting to use less harmful products that would affect our health and our SKIN.... I am younger and as I get older YES, I did say that; as I get older I realize it is so important to take care of your skin on the outside and in. Well we used them right away and our results we’re OUTSTANDING...we use there products daily and will continue to use there products for us and our children. 

Andrea & Trevor
The bath balms are O-mazing!!! Both my son who is an athlete uses them for his sore muscles and I use them to soothe the muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. I certainly love and recommend the healing properties of the products! Jenee

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