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CannaBoDy CBD infused bath and body


People often ask me how our business come about and I often say because I love being creative, But to be honest it’s so much more then that, I wanted to be at home with my family, I wanted to make them breakfast and send them off to school, be there when they got home and have dinner together, those special moments that only happen once in a lifetime. I wanted to be more for my family! Call me a mompreneur on a mission


I started making different products that fit our lifestyle our family is vegetarian and we love all natural products; we are always looking for alternative products that fit our family lifestyle. We wanted more for our products that we just could not find in the store, so why not make them? Right! Well my husband and I had a moving business and unfortunately my husband got injured on the job. He took a serious injury to his ankle that kept him from working so with my idea of making all natural products and my husband injury we looked into making a product that took his pain away naturally.


My husband researched natural remedies for pain and kept coming to CBD. CBD is all natural has amazing benefits, is all natural well of course that was it!!! We were on the hunt to make these products for our friends and family, and why not start a business.  It was a simple choice but had a huge positive impact on our lives and others.


We researched CBD and all the benefits, here is an awesome article explaining full spectrum CBD and a breakdown of the advantages of it:  through much research we found all the positive effects on the body and knew this was exactly the component that we needed in our products. It helps with pain but through more research it has HUGE benefits to the body and mind.


My husband and I created the wowzer from his injury and my shoulder pain. This consist pain can surly drive goals! Like when you burn your hand what do you do right away? You run to cold water, right! You find a solution for your problem. Our consist pain needed a solution, so we found our solution. Our pain melted away and we finally found our all natural products and CannaBoDy come to be!

Now we create and make our products to help our family and our customers. We are consistently creating new products for our customers to get the products that they need for there own health and wellness healing process. 


I hope you enjoyed learning about us an look out for our upcoming weekly blog posts! We are excited to share our business and CBD knowledge with you all!!! 


Please feel free to send us questions and ideas on what information you would like to see in our blogs!