Handcrafted Hemp Infused Shampoo Body Bars

All you will need is one bar. No joke. Throw out your bottles of Shampoo and body wash and use our All-In-One Shampoo and Body bar   We have formulated our bars to cleanse and nourish your scalp, your hair shaft and the rest of you too! They will give you outstanding lather and provide a gentle, quality, moisturizing care for your skin and scalp.

Our concentrated shampoo and bar soap acts also as a great conditioner! These are perfect for traveling!  One bar does it all: shampoo, shave, face wash and body wash.

Only natural ingredients is our passion.  We have chosen to incorporate Activated Charcoal into every bar to draw out the unwanted from the day and leave your skin healthy.  Our special added bonus in our Shampoo and Body Bars is 50 mg of Hemp Flower Extract. Your Shampoo and washing experiences just got taken to the next level.

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