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     All of our products have been natural since we started, and we pride ourselves with the idea that we using natural products on our families bodies.  We loved the idea of using products on our bodies  with as few ingredients as possible.  With all of the chemicals that  they make another name for other than what it truly is, we learned to  trust what we make ourselves.  We slowly started to learn the benefits  of using CBD in our daily lives and it is astounding what benefits CBD  has for our bodies.  Having a strong background in the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Church, Natalie had grown up with the idea that all things Marijuana was to be avoided.  Where as I was completely contrary to that mindset.   It did not take any convincing at all, only presenting the information that CBD does not have any of the "high" that is associated with the plant.  We were in love with this aspect of the Hemp plant.  We didn't know there was a difference, until we did a bit of research.  Apparently the Hemp plant has a greater amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in the plant and virtually no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), compared to the Cannabis plant that has more THC than CBD.  We were completely on board.  The jury is still out for us on if we should be using products that have CBD in it on our children, so we are not using it on our kids unless they have a cold, we give them a bath using a portion of a bath bomb.  They sleep throughout the night without any issues, fighting their cold.  It is hard to imagine all of the benefits that this plant can have when you take out the part that gets you high.
In the future we plan on making a plethora of products for the body that is natural and beneficial for your body.  Ranging from our bath bombs to lip balm all infused with CBD extract and essential oils.