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Our eye cover will help. Plain and simple, it works.  It gets heated for about 30 - 45 seconds depending on your microwave and your tolerance for heat.  After that, put it over your eyes and relax. Our eye cover, has so many things going for its simple design. Having a looser band allows for it to not squeeze your head while trying to relax.  Its heat will remain longer with the use of hemp seeds versus using the typical mediums such as rice or lentils. The aroma.  The aroma of hemp helps ease a person into relaxation.  The experience of having this heated wrap over your eyes is worth the wait time in the microwave.  Even if you cannot find a way to heat it up, it is perfect for a flight anytime. 

We have been longtime fans of using hemp in our products.  The idea of using hemp seed as the basis for our therapeutic wraps was a challenge at first.  We didn't know how long the hemp seed would hold onto the heat originally as there has been little to no research on the subject.  We have found that the hemp seeds will hold heat longer than rice will.  Included in the neck wrap, is hemp flower.  Yes, there are actual hemp buds in the wrap. The flower is included for an added extra for aromatherapy.  When the wrap is heated, there will be the subtle and pleasant smell of hemp.  There is no chance of psychoactive reaction. Purely the relaxing aroma of hemp.  

When it comes to hemp fabric, it can be rough.  With new ways to make textiles, the hemp fabric does not just come in canvas.  There are many softer textile made from hemp.  Including a mix of hemp/silk and hemp/cotton.  There are some very soft 100% hemp fabrics as well, like the herringbone.

100% Hemp fabric

Hemp Fabric blends (Hemp/Cotton & Hemp/Silk)

100% Hemp Seeds

100% Hemp Aromatherapy

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